• It's free! There is absolutely no charge for us to find your pension.



  • As long as you belong to a current pension scheme and have been for at least 1 year, you are entitled to a free consultation.




  • To make sure we give you all the relevant information you need to make a decision what most benefits you, we will do a thorough investigation into your existing pensions, and give you a review of all their benefits. Guidence options will be offerered to you by an adviser which may result in leaving your pension where it is, consolidating your pensions or even transferring your pensions into a scheme that will benefit you the most.

    You will be under no obligation to continue with any of the options that our adviser suggests.


  • Losing track of our old pension schemes is very common. When changing employment, many people start a new scheme with their new employer and it is estimated that 5 million people forget about their previous pension plans when this is the case.

    If there is a next course of action that would benefit you after your details have been checked and the amount of assets you are entitled to are delivered in clear figures, this will be advised to you after the consultation.


  • It can be very hard to keep track of your pensions if you have a number of company or personal pensions. Complications can occur when companies are bought and sell your pension to a different pension provider, or even if you change your name, home address or job.

    We can trace those pensions you paid into years ago and forgot about for no charge!



  • After we have done as much research as we possibly can into all of your pensions, you will then be allocated an adviser who will clearly explain how your pensions have performed over the last few years and discuss what course of action will benefit you most. This will also be free and you will be under no obligation to continue with the options you and the adviser discuss.



  • You will have a number of options once we have found and done thorough research into your pension schemes. Depending on certain factors such as desires and entitlements, pension charges, benefits, performance and your circumstances, everyone’s options are different. This is why an adviser is allocated to you when we have located your pensions, who will discuss which options will benefit you most, then everything else is up to you and done on your terms.


  • The importance of receiving advice from a qualified pension adviser cannot be stressed enough. As we do not give advice on the options that would be best for you, it is important that you are passed onto and Independent Financial Adviser who can then discuss your pension options with you.




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Do you think you have a personal pension that has been lost or a ‘frozen pension’ with a previous employer?

The first step to tracking down any old personal pensions, frozen company pensions or SERPS contracted out benefits that may have been lost is to complete our easy to use application form.

Our totally free service will then access a central database holding the details of over 200,000 pension schemes to trace your pension schemes and report back to you with the findings.

The service does not end at this point as crucially you will need help and advice on what to do next. One of our qualified advisers will then provide you with no obligation recommendations aimed at helping you maximise the benefits of these pensions for either your retirement now or for the future.

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